Manufacturing process

ArtPrint has selected with the greatest of care the best skateboard factory to print your custom skateboards. Our headline is “we don’t want to offer skateboard that we don’t want to skate ourselves”. We are particularly demanding about the construction quality and ask a lot on oneself so ArtPrint has scrupulously tested the main skateboard factories before choosing the one we’re working with since more than 7 years now. We have a very large choice of 25 different board references (same source and same construction) available in 3 different concaves (medium / medium-high / high). Our catalogue contains skateboard from 7’25 to 9’ and also a couple of old school shapes & cruisers to satisfy all your different requests. The construction of our skateboards is 100% north Canadian maple that comes from forest sustainably managed then pressed with epoxy glue for a better rigidity, sturdiness and top durability.

Each skateboard is made of 7 plies whose 3 of them are colored (top, 3rd, 6th) plus top engraving including size and serial number. All our custom skateboards are guaranteed against fault and delamination.

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